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Flush Doggy

200 flushable poop bags. Free shipping within United States.

200 flushable poop bags. Free shipping within United States.

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  • 200 bags come in 10 travel packs
  • 20 bags/pack
  • Bag size: 10.75" X 8.5"
  • Sturdy for long walk
  • No more stinky garbage
  • Not recommended for septic tanks
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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Pamela Jolley

Great product.

Erica Rizzio

I've been using these bags since I think they were first offered. So quite some time now. I'm completely spoiled. I've never once had a problem and every time I use them, I feel like I'm doing the planet AND our garbage collectors a favor. I just wish more people would discover them and use them. Every time I can, I talk them up. I even try to get Pet Boutiques to sell them!

Ann Sheets
loyal customer and user

I have been using Flush Doggy poop bags in my home for several years now. I have two small dogs who poop in the yard and I being able to pick up their poop and flush it instead of putting it into the landfill.
It's a great product IMHO.

Laure Dykas
I love using your bags for Kodi

That's my second order of bags from you. I don't flush the bags, but I still like the fact that they don't harm the environment. Plus you give money to fight puppy mills so I will buy more again.


We love using the Flush Doggy bags. No smell hanging around the house, easy clean-up, and very eco-friendly!